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Sonia Ionescu - Media Credits

VP Finance

    The VP Finance and Operations position was split into two separate positions this year, VP Operations and VP Finance. The VP Finance portfolio includes ensuring… Read More »VP Finance

    VP Internal

      The VP Internal is responsible for communication between SSMU and students and sends out the SSMU listserv. Responsibilities also include the Old McGill Yearbook and… Read More »VP Internal


        The SSMU President is the leader of the SSMU executive team, in addition to being a key player in interactions with the administration. The President… Read More »President

        VP Operations

          The VP Operations position was created just this year, breaking off from the previous VP Finance and Operations position. The new portfolio will likely include… Read More »VP Operations

          VP External

            The VP External is responsible for connecting SSMU’s constituents to the wider Montreal and Quebec community. The portfolio includes communication with other post-secondary institutions and… Read More »VP External