The Daily’s website allows viewers to post comments in accordance with the following policy.

In allowing comments, The McGill Daily seeks to promote open and sincere debate, and provide readers with an open forum to discuss ideas among themselves, and with the staff and editors of The Daily. In order to promote open debate while acknowledging our responsibility for everything that appears under the name of The McGill Daily, the following restrictions will be enforced on all comments on this site. Comments in contradiction with these guidelines may be deleted at the sole discretion of the editorial board as represented by the web editor.

The Daily prohibits:

  • Any comment not complying with The McGill Daily’s code of ethics, which bans (in part) content which expresses racial, sexual, and socioeconomic bias or prejudice, as well as content which is libellous;
  • Any comment which contains a link to a site in contravention of The McGill Daily’s code of ethics;
  • Any comment whose primary purpose is commercial;
  • Any comment which is wholly unrelated to the content of the article or posting to which it is attached;
  • Any comment The McGill Daily knows to be plagiarized;
  • Any comment which duplicates exactly another comment on mcgilldaily.com, regardless of ownership;
  • Any comment the editorial board deems inappropriate, such as comments linking to “shock sites” or comments extolling violence;
  • Any comment which causes a page on our site to render improperly.

If your comment has been deleted, you may contact the web editor at web[@]mcgilldaily.com for more information.


The Daily’s editorial board has decided to close the comments section on our website. While valuable comments certainly do exist, comments are often abusive, particularly comments left on pieces regarding issues including, but not limited to, sexual assault, race, settler colonialism, trans issues, or other critiques of systems of oppressions. Moreover, the most hateful comments left on our website are on pieces written by women, trans people, and people of colour. Hence, it is in accordance with our Statement of Principles to close this platform, which regularly subjects our contributors to online abuse.

However, we have chosen to keep the comment section on our editorials open. Editorials are the only platform where we as an editorial board can voice a unified opinion on a topic. As such, we welcome constructive feedback on our collective position.

With our comments section closed, we now encourage letters to the editor by emailing letters@mcgilldaily.com more than ever – these, if written by McGill students, will be printed under the Commentary section. Furthermore, we will be including the email of respective section editors at the bottom of every piece published online in order to facilitate communication and interaction between readers and the Daily. Should a contributor choose to have comments sections open on their piece, however, we will respect their wishes.