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Any reader can submit a letter to The McGill Daily at, but the editorial board reserves the right to reject letters from authors who are external to the McGill community to prioritize the community’s voices.

Letters sent electronically by students should go through the author’s McGill email address such that the identity of the author can be authenticated by the editorial staff handling the letter and for records purposes. Additionally, letter authors from the community should submit a paper copy of their letter and deliver it to the offices to sign their submission in or send a copy of it via regular mail. All letters are archived for up to a year, whether received electronically or through regular mail, and must be signed by their author.

Letter contents

  • The McGill Daily and Le Délit Français reserve the right to reject:
    1. Any letter whose content displays racial, ethnic, sexual, and socioeconomic prejudice;
    2. Any letter containing personal attacks or insults aimed at individuals or groups;
    3. Any letter which is libelous;
    4. Any letter whose primary purpose is commercial or promotional;
    5. Any letter The McGill Daily or Le Délit Français knows to be plagiarized;
  • Letters should be no more than 500 words in length, any longer submissions (outside of reasonable variation) can be rejected for print at the discretion of the editorial boards, but will still be published online if it abides by article 1 of this section.