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Want to get involved with The Daily?

We are always looking for new writers and contributors! As a student at McGill, you are already a member of the Daily Publications Society, which means you have a say in how our paper is run. We’d love to hear your feedback and have you drop by to help out!

The paper is made up of a number of different sections that cover all aspects of events on campus, in Montreal, and in a global context. From News to Commentary to Sci+Tech, there’s a lot of opportunity for writers to find the sections that work best for them. Writers can (and often do!) write for multiple sections. To learn more about how to contribute to each section, scroll down for our comprehensive guide.

We bold this because it’s so important: No experience is necessary. Anyone can write for us, and we have an experienced team of editors who can help contributors with anything from finding ledes, to conducting interviews, to word choice and copy. If writing isn’t your thing, we are also always looking for photographers, illustrators, designers, radio journalists, and web developers who can help give The Daily its distinct style.

To get an idea of what we’re all about, our Statement of Principles is a great place to start. Working from an anti-oppressive standpoint, The Daily prioritizes marginalized voices and viewpoints, and works to shed light on stories that aren’t often covered in mainstream media.

We have open editorial board meetings on Mondays from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., so stop by if you’re interested in learning more! Please contact for the recurring Zoom link.

How to Contribute


The News section is where students report breaking news on campus and cover important issues in the McGill and Montreal communities. We occasionally cover stories across Canada and beyond, with an emphasis on community-based journalism. Our writers prioritize stories that are off-radar, overlooked and underreported. No experience is necessary – our editors will train you to conduct interviews, do research, news writing, and multimedia coverage. Join our 2022-2023 News Contributor Facebook group, where pitches are shared every week. You can message the editors with your own ideas on FB, or email us at We’re also looking for curious and committed reporters to contribute on a regular basis – if that sounds like you, apply here


The Culture section is where you can explore topics like media, music, and visual arts. Tell us about your favourite TV series or film, review the latest local or virtual exhibitions, conduct an interview with an up-and-coming artist, or write about broader issues within pop culture. We consider work that uses an anti-oppressive lens, which includes a focus on stories, artists, and perspectives that are often overlooked. We’re always looking for new voices! Join the 2022-2023 Culture Contributor Facebook group, where pitches are shared every Friday. You can also message the editors with your own ideas on FB, or email


The Commentary section focuses on unpacking power dynamics and uplifting marginalized voices. We write about social issues to keep readers informed, and to inspire them to effect change in our community. If you have strong opinions regarding an ongoing matter, no matter the scale or location of the subject, pitch the editors at or join the 2022-2023 Commentary Contributor Facebook group. No prior writing experience is necessary. We accept unsolicited op-eds (<1200 words), opinions (<700 words), as well as letters to the editor (<350 words). We prioritize submissions from McGill affiliates, but we also accept pitches from community members. Due to the volume of emails we receive, we may not respond to each and every submission. 


Compendium! is our home for the satirical, comical, and downright ridiculous. From comics and crosswords to parody and pastiche, this section is open to all things smart and funny. To submit your lovingly handmade puzzles, limericks, articles, or illustrations, contact No prior experience of any kind is required – we’re here to support you and your comedic craft!


The Features section focuses on long-form journalism, including in-depth news investigations and expositions, profiles, creative nonfiction, and art and photo essays. This section is unique in its flexibility; if there’s any anti-oppressive topic that you feel particularly passionate about, consider writing a feature! We are always looking for new contributors! No prior experience is required. We will assist you through the writing and editing process. Join the 2022-2023 Features Contributor Facebook group for pitches and updates! You can also message the editors directly on FB or via email at with your ideas.


The Sci+Tech section is where you can explore the interplay of science and society, and where you can write about topics from artificial intelligence and machine learning, to wildlife biology and pharmaceuticals. We prioritize writing that highlights inequities and anti-oppressive agendas in the science, technology, and health fields. Pitch us an idea at or join our Facebook group to pick up a pitch! No prior writing experience or science background required.


Photography, digital art, mixed media, covers, video – visual art is a critical part of the Daily! To pick up an illustration or photography pitch, contact or join the visuals Facebook group. As always, no prior experience is required.

Still have questions? Reach out to or message us on Facebook!