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Environment, prisons, education, gender, sexuality, left-wing politics, and activism… Events that took place over the last year provided ample grounds for critique. Consider, for instance, the Charlie Hebdo shootings that took place in Paris, France, or the 43 students that went missing in the Iguala, Mexico. These events caused such large-scale tremors that we felt their aftershocks here in Montreal.

Everything is inherently political and all power relations are interconnected. In that regard, while one could categorize the content in the Commentary section thematically, it is also important to emphasize a more intersectional approach. An article about migrant rights can also be a critique of Canada’s educational system. Another article about the environmental impacts of Plan Nord can also be a warning against the provincial Liberal government’s austerity measures.

So we chose to look at this year in terms of space. At times we can focus on our small McGill microcosm – there is always something going on with student politics or with McGill’s policies. Beyond Roddick Gates, however, is a whole other world of which McGill students are most definitely a part. Provincial and federal politics affect us all.

Lastly, we have to recognize that social justice knows no spatial limits. Far and wide, all around the globe, injustices suppress certain voices. We must listen to these voices, no matter where they are from.

—Cem Ertekin

“We as a student body have no obligation to blindly follow rules that undermine our freedom of expression.”
Nadir Khan, “Organizing against free speech.”

“Even when student voices are heard, and their initiatives are considered, the administration is very reluctant to implement them fully.”
Ella Belfer, “Sustainable for whom?”

“It’s time for a general strike: for workers and students to unite in fighting back against damaging cuts.”
Daniel Huang, “Toward a general strike.”

“There comes a time when civil disobedience is not only acceptable, but necessary. That time is now.”
Fatima Boulmalf, “Resistance as justice”

“We can, and should, attempt to be as sex work-positive as we can, but after centuries of shaming and degradation, sex workers can’t help but internalize some of that shame.”
David V, “Toward (in)visibility”