Code orange

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In light of the NDP’s recent sweep of northern Ontario in the federal elections, Joël Pedneault takes a look at the socio-economic concerns that affect the region’s voters

Marginal minds

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The Daily’s Erin Hale investigates the connections between homelessness and mental illness

Adopting difference

The Daily’s Jennifer Markowitz examines how Quebec’s queer adoption policies have taken baby steps to change the norm for a “happy family”

Lest we forget

The 28th annual Holocaust Education Week honours Shoah victims, and calls on our generation to remember and retell their stories

Haunted minds

The Daily’s Claire Caldwell uncovers why it’s not so creepy to believe in ghosts

Art in the flesh

The Daily’s Whitney Mallett gets a taste for meat as medium and muse

Do a little turn on the catwalk

Kortney Shapiro takes in Montreal’s Fashion week, and considers what makes our city a hub of urban style – both on and off the runway

Polar opposites

A summer in Nunavik teaches Graeme Burrows about Inuit education, and why many northern First Nations students aren’t pursuing postsecondary degrees

Forgiving the unthinkable

After witnessing reconciliation in Rwanda first-hand, Sarah Flatto comments on Canada’s recent action – and inaction – in bringing refugee genocide perpetrators to justice

Danger, gimme danger

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The Daily’s Erin Hale catches up with some of Montreal’s bike messengers – the ultimate urban daredevils

Funeral for a faubourg

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Aditi Ohri turns to Griffintown’s artists for new perspectives on the neighbourhood’s fate