News | SNAX wraps up burrito sales


Updated March 30, 2015

On March 20, Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) representatives were told by Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) Ollivier Dyens that they had once again violated the terms of their Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the University, this time by selling burritos.

The University alleges that it only recently became aware of SNAX’s burrito sales when the Office of the Deputy Provost was sent a picture of the illicit foodstuff.

AUS representatives met with Dyens in his office, where they were told the burritos fall under the same prohibited category as sandwiches: “processed or prepared” food.

Appendix E, the portion of the MOA that dictates what AUS may and may not sell, is one thing that AUS President Ava Liu says AUS is trying to rewrite, as the wording of the appendix is a bit ambiguous. She said that moving forward, AUS would like to make it more clear what is allowed and what is not, and to develop a coherent process for when violations occur.

Liu reiterated that AUS is not trying to set a precedent for any other group, particularly given that it’s “not as if other associations look to our MOA, […] it’s not going to be standardized, […] everybody is already on different terms.”

“We are seeing that this is perhaps more representative of his stance rather than our context.”

Liu stands by her past statements, saying she still feels Dyens has been unclear about the bargaining points AUS has presented to the administration.
She told The Daily, “He was just saying what he had said before, he didn’t really seem on the same page as the rest of us.”

Liu added that she feels the attitude Dyens has taken regarding the negotiations has little to do with SNAX or the association of AUS, but “is really a position that the Deputy Provost is taking regarding student services and activities.”

“We are seeing that this is perhaps more representative of his stance rather than our context,” Liu said.

During their meeting, Liu also alleged that Dyens told AUS representatives that if AUS doesn’t want to run a convenience counter, “we can take it off your hands.”

While Liu is hoping to conclude negotiations soon, she assured, “If this doesn’t go well, we will push back.”