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An Open Letter to the Lebanese Oligarchy

Sometimes, I must step back and look at the countless reasons why I’d smile at each one’s funeral. Can you blame me? I almost had to attend several the days after August 4, 2020.

Let’s go back to the second grade and create a list together.

You see, the days after the murder were very critical and somewhat relieving, because none of you were there. My Lebanese brothers and sisters would have gladly added you to 227 victims that lost their lives. I sometimes still wake up and see the faces of Elias Khoury (15 years old) and Alexandra Najjar (three years old).

Many might be wondering why I would be bringing this up two years later. Political pressure is targeting Tarek Bitar, the Lebanese judge in charge of the probe into the August 2020Beirut port blast. May I add that to the list as well? With your consent of course. It seems like nothing passes with your Majesties.
Speaking of Majesty, the Lebanese people were too quick to search some of your years of birth to see how much you had to live. I mean, how much time we had till we start living. You see, I’m not sure if the embezzled billions of dollars blind you from reality.

List? Why not.

I’m sure you’ve gotten immune to the lack of electricity and water discourse. I’m 20 years old, I haven’t witnessed either for a period longer than six hours. One thing I would have loved to do before you kicked me out was sending you the bill. The bill for my weekly groceries rotted in the fridge and cost more than my rent.

List? Probably.

Two days ago, I had to explain to my Professor, Stanford, and Harvard graduate, all the good things you can afford: How to rob your own bank to retrieve your own savings.

Absurd? This is just the beginning.
When some of you decide to enlighten us with words worth a toilet seat in a public restroom, your loyal sheep use bullets to assert their presence. They never fail to vamp the windows of my car with a spider effect.

List? I’d say so.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I have saved just enough for a bottle of champagne to celebrate the end.

Do you blame me? You already did.