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Quiz: Are you a McGill Student or a Kafka Character?

McGill University prides itself on being absolutely laden with bureaucracy so as to make the student experience as frustrating and painful as possible. It’s a little-known fact that McGill actually inspired Franz Kafka to write The Castle, a book in which the main character spends far too much time trudging through the snow and trying to navigate opaque governmental agencies. Are you living in a Kafka novel, or are you just a student struggling to get help from Service Point?

Take the quiz below to find out!

Check off all that apply:


If you checked off 9 or less:

Somehow you’ve retained your humanity throughout your time at McGill thus far – lucky you! Worry not, the university will kill the light in your eyes soon enough.

If you checked off 10-20:

McGill is indeed a Kafkaesque nightmare for you, but so far your experience is just Kafka-adjacent, not the work of Franz himself.

If you checked off 21 or more:

There’s no way you’re not the brainchild of a sad Czechian man. Go ahead and change your legal name to “K.”