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The Daily Reading List: Student Journalism

From Montreal to Vancouver, student journalists continue to push boundaries

Student journalism pushes boundaries, covering important issues that affect students and their campuses that otherwise would not be reported on. Student journalists do vital work to create space for under-represented topics and communities, but this work is often overlooked off-campus. The Daily editorial board has selected some of its favourite articles from the past year to highlight student reporting that deserves a wider audience. From features on sex work and queer aesthetics to labour reporting on and off campus, the following pieces shed light on important issues affecting students and their communities.

Although there is a lot of great journalism at McGill, we wanted to highlight excellent student journalism across Canada beyond the McGill bubble. Several of our favourite articles, marked with asterisks, have been nominated for the Canadian University Press’ John H. McDonald Awards for Excellence in Student Journalism (named after a former Daily editor – not to brag).

– The Link –

Concordia University, Montreal

The Link is an independent publication at Concordia University in Montreal, QC. In print since 1980, the Link switched from weekly newspapers to a monthly magazine in 2017, and distributes copies to the wider Montreal community.

COVID-19 exacerbates green space inequity in Montreal neighbourhoods: How public green space is vital to public health, especially in a lockdown – Allegra Moyle

Dress Up collective gives us a look into Montreal’s infamous fashion community: Two vintage-loving friends create community through fashion-driven events – Gabriela Vasquez-Rondon

– The Eyeopener –

Ryerson University, Toronto

Established in 1967, The Eyeopener is Ryerson University’s independent student-run newspaper.

*Queerness, fashion & safety: When LGBTQ2IA+ aesthetics popularized but left its community members behind: Despite the popularization of drag and LGBTQ2IA+ aesthetics, glam looks can be a dangerous identifier for queer, trans, and non-binary people – Nabeeha Baig

*Sex work is real for Ryerson students: Sex work is often misunderstood, but for these Ryerson students, it’s both a means of income and empowerment – Andrea Josić

– The Ubyssey –

University of British Columbia, Vancouver

The Ubyssey is UBC’s largest student paper, and is entirely independent, non-hierarchical, and student-run. They have been publishing weekly since 1918.

UBC prof, who alleged anti-Indigenous discrimination, deletes tweet appearing to dox 12 former students – Charlotte Alden and Andrew Ha

*UBC changed its cash payment policies amid 2019 provincial ‘dirty money’ laundering concerns – Maneevak Bajaj

– The Silhouette –

McMaster University, Hamilton

Established in 1930, The Silhouette is a weekly student run newspaper at McMaster University.

No more tests in the middle of the night: We should be accommodating for inconveniences caused by time zone differences – Jiahe Deng

“I can’t applaud the institution for doing the bare minimum”: Student reacts to McMaster’s initiatives to tackle anti-Black racism – Elisa Do

– The Varsity –

University of Toronto, Toronto

Founded in 1880, The Varsity is University of Toronto’s student publication and one of the oldest student newspapers in Canada. They can be found online, as well as in print weekly.

Is the pandemic equalizing housework? It’s complicated: New UTM study sheds light on domestic labour and the “needs exposure hypothesis” – Tahmeed Shafiq

“Dangerous and irresponsible”: Casual workers at U of T demand sick days, draw attention to precarity of work – Isabel Armiento

– The Fulcrum –

University of Ottawa, Ottawa

The Fulcrum was established in 1942 and is the English-speaking student-run newspaper for the University of Ottawa.

*Meet the team working to Indigenize the U of O campus: Indigenous affairs office pushing to shift curricula, programs – Ryan Pepper

Rising debt, no food, and midnight classes: Reality for international students during COVID-19 – Mayson Maharaj