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fuck this!

(and that… and also that… and maybe that too?)

fuck coin laundry, fuck dollarama, fuck inaccessible healthcare, fuck 700 dollar blood tests, fuck 2300 dollar ADHD testing, fuck quebec, fuck law 21, fuck having to do the dishes all the goddamn time, fuck unlabeled houseplant deliveries, fuck those tiktoks that tell you to go to bed, fuck pants, fuck not getting to hug your friends for 6 months, fuck not going home for christmas, fuck being lonely, fuck brain worms, fuck dichotomous keys that don’t even identify your goddamn houseplants, fuck the mod club in toronto closing, fuck comphet

fuck chapped lips, fuck hand cramps, fuck migraines, fuck scabs, fuck having terrible circulation, fuck executive dysfunction, fuck UTIs, fuck being on your period and your chest hurting too much to wear your binder, fuck new and creative joint pains, fuck stomachaches, fuck unpaid labour, fuck the fact that the “non-binary” emojis look like hillary clinton, fuck foggy glasses, fuck cold feet, fuck Paganini, fuck parking, fuck unprotected left turns, fuck constant helicopter surveillance, fuck birthdays, fuck being unable to accept other people’s care, fuck dry hands

fuck shirt tags (why are they so itchy), fuck atypical, fuck subreddits where they just make fun of neurodivergent tiktokers and say they’re faking it… why is that a thing, fuck having to pay to have serotonin in my brain, fuck having stigmatized mental disorders, fuck not knowing when it’s your turn to talk on the phone, fuck chicago mix for being a very frustrating food, fuck trying so hard to make people like me, fuck being underestimated, fuck being understimulated, fuck being overstimulated

fuck clothing brands that only go up to size 10, fuck those weird depop girls who resell literal toddler clothes like please employ yourself, fuck having to be employed anyway, fuck red zone parties, fuck having to practice skills, fuck dry skin, fuck academia, fuck existential dread, fuck getting your socks wet, FUCK DISCUSSION POSTS, fuck mayonnaise, fuck that time that madeline wilson wasn’t allowed to say fuck, fuck back to brunch, fuck losing tupperware lids, fuck apa format, fuck crying while cutting onions, fuck zoom fatigue

fuck notebooks that don’t lie flat, fuck geese, fuck changing clothes, fuck dry weather,  fuck breaking aux cords, fuck breaking headphones, fuck staticky headphones, fuck rats in your walls, fuck concrete, fuck people watering their lawns during a drought, fuck lotion, fuck the hiccups (especially when they hurt your chest), fuck commercials for the US Military, fuck unspecified aches and pains, fuck getting glass stuck in your foot, fuck splinters, fuck fuck fuck