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Exploring Sisterhood

A Day at SistersInMotion

SistersInMotion holds a special place in my heart. Spaces for femmes and women of colour in Montreal are hard to come by, and usually remain either male-dominated or white-dominated. SistersInMotion is the only exception I’ve encountered so far. Not only is the space full of a unique feminine and racially diverse presence, the atmosphere is different as well: a relaxed, unguarded feeling pervades. Elder femmes are here, and they, too, are important to me. Surrounded by young femmes of colour, I find confirmation that we exist; with elders, I learn that we can grow—that we can be more. So for a moment, on a sunny Saturday, us femmes of colour were allowed to step out of the expectations set out for us. Only then could we share our deepest selves, amongst each other.

Courage Bacchus
Achlaï Ernest Wallace
Yassi Vile
Shanti Gonzales
Moe Clark

Photos by Arno Pedram