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SSMU building to reopen gradually starting September 2018, fully in January 2019, at best

SSMU President announces SSMU building reopening dates on Reddit

On Tuesday, June 26 2018, the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) President Tre Mansdoerfer announced via Reddit that sections of the University Centre will begin to reopen this September, with gradual reopenings of the other floors to the public through January 2019 if construction efforts continue as planned. The building is currently undergoing  renovations for ventilation, heating, asbestos abatement, washrooms, general maintenance operations and upgrades since February 2018.

The basement levels S1 and S2, which include Gerts, the Flat Bike Collective, and the Muslim Students’ Association’s offices, are slated to be the first levels to  reopen at the start of the Fall semester. According to the same plan, floors one and two will reopen in October 2018, with floors three and four, which include most student club offices, the Ballroom, and Midnight Kitchen, scheduled to open  sometime during January 2019. Updates on the closure will be made throughout July.

Currently, most student services’ offices are situated in temporary locations on 3471 Peel Street and 2075 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard, while some services are currently still awaiting accommodation. More information about the location of student services’ offices and the purpose of the renovation can be found on the SSMU page about the building closure.