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It’s nice, but what is it? and Her Side of the Story

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We all have that one friend who will look at us skeptically when we talk about abstract art, their expression communicating a lack of excitement and frank confusion. Sometimes we ourselves wonder how to appreciate modern artists’ representation of reality when it’s depicted conceptually. What if, instead of comparing the elegant forms of Michelangelo’s High Renaissance to abstract vision, we accept abstract art for what it is and learn more about it?

“It’s nice, but what is it?” aims to make abstract art fun and accessible. After the success of the first edition of the exhibit last year, the gallery is launching its second installment, hoping to dissolve the myth that modern abstract art is incomprehensible. Write down your questions and visit the exhibit, which includes Andrew Agostino’s expressionist art, Myriam Paradis Lalancette’s urban sketches, and Jade Picard’s expressive paintings. You can meet the artists during the vernissage on March 27 from 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m..

“It’s nice, but what is it?” runs from March 23 to April 24 at Le repaire des 100 talents.

Remember that insightful review we published in February of Imago Theatre’s Pig Girl? Well, Imago is back at it with an event series featuring some crucial perspectives of female artists, writers, and activists. Imago Theatre’s “Her Side of the Story” festival running in May will put you in the right mood for the summer while giving you a chance to meet women creatives from throughout Canada. It’s about time to speak frankly about women’s issues, be reflective, and even outrageous. Imago’s festival offers a space to engage in an insightful conversation and share experiences.

“Her Side of the Story” runs May 13 to 14 in the Imago Theatre.