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Who is running for PGSS?

An overview of your potential 2015-16 post-grad executives

Like last year, several of the Post-Graduate Students‘ Society (PGSS) executive candidates are running as a slate, namely Danielle Toccalino, Sahil Kumar, Bradley Por, Brighita Lungu, and Behrang Sharif. The slate‘s common platform elements mainly consist of increasing the availability of the executive to constituents — in particular by holding consistent, visible office hours — and maintaining a regular presence at Thomson House, Mac Campus, McGill-affiliated hospitals, and PGSS events.

Click on a position to see the candidates’ overviews.

Secretary General
Danielle Toccalino
Saturnin Espoir Ntamba Ndandala

Members Services
Jenny Ann Pura
Brighita Lungu

Internal Affairs Officer
Sahil Kumar

External Affairs Officer
Bradley Por

Academic Affairs Officer
Devin Mills

Financial Affairs Officer
Behrang Sharif