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“Inuit Women Artists” and Visions of Montreal

Weekly culture picks from The Daily

Rosie’s Pick: “Inuit Women Artists” at Canadian Guild of Crafts
To be perfectly honest, my actual culture pick for this week is to sleep. Everyone should sleep, recover, and wake up when it’s finally spring. It could be a performance art piece (or something).

Just as refreshing, though, is the Canadian Guild of Crafts’ current exhibition, “Inuit Women Artists.” The works in this exhibit chronicle Inuit women’s art from three generations of artists. Drawing on personal experiences, environment, and legends, the seventeen artists in this exhibit tell stories of “individual and collective practices of women over the last century.” The exhibit closes this week, so make sure to see it before it goes. Even if you’re not asleep, the expression and creativity in “Inuit Women Artists” might still make you think you’re dreaming.

Niyousha’s Pick: HABITAT: Experimental Visions of Montreal
Montreal is a city full of strange adventures waiting to be had – something we too often forget as students in the McGill bubble. Ideally, we should be venturing beyond this bubble all the time, exploring every bump and corner of this city, expanding our vision of Montreal. But if for whatever reason you can only venture as far as La Sala Rossa this week, then that might be just enough. Sala is hosting a social event and film screening called HABITAT, featuring films that spotlight the Montreal environment across six decades. The screening interweaves iconic landmarks like Mont-Royal Park and nameless back alleys, promising to show Montreal from every angle – “at once dystopic and utopic, eerily empty and actively engaged, brutish and brimming with life.” So get ready for a visual adventure in this surreal snowy city we call home.

“Inuit Women Artists” runs until Saturday, March 28 at the Canadian Guild of Crafts (1460-B Sherbrooke).

HABITAT: Experiemental Visions of Montreal is Thursday, March 26 at La Sala Rossa (4848 St. Laurent) at 8 p.m..