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Host of Hidden Treasure & Nuit Blanche

Weekly culture picks from The Daily

Niyousha’s Pick: Documentary screening: Host of Hidden Treasure
As we stuff our brains with study notes this week, we shouldn’t forget the histories that are often hidden and kept out of our textbooks. The documentary series Host of Hidden Treasure traces one of these silenced histories along slave-trade routes in Canada, the U.S., and Africa. The seven-part series is the project of non-profit organization Stolen From Africa/Volé D’Afrique. The Toronto-based organization, which has branched out to Montreal and other locations, aims to employ the arts as a means of empowerment, through promoting awareness of the African diaspora, and challenging racial stereotypes. Hidden Treasure follows two rappers from Toronto and Atlanta on their journey to uncover historical and current truths about displacement and diaspora. The first installment of the series, Canada – USA – GHANA, is premiering at McGill and Ryerson this week as part of Black History Month. Come listen to the artists’ stories and hear the chapters that get glossed over in lecture halls.

Rosie’s Pick: Nuit Blanche
It’s easy to become a hermit during winter. Hole up in your room with your blankets, tea, and textbooks, and you’re good to go. But this Friday, everyone should put on their longjohns for an unforgettable winter adventure. Nuit Blanche, back for its 12th year, is an all-nighter of arts and culture on the streets of Montreal. This year, it’s taking over three ‘quartiers’ – Quartier des Spectacles (Downtown), Old Montreal, and Plateau–Mont-Royal and Mile End (so you might not even have to go that far). While there are too many activities to name, there are a few that shouldn’t be missed. The Goethe-Institut will be presenting “Inside Out,” a multimedia installation that seeks to confront “conflicting ideologies exemplified by internet culture,” juxtaposing the NSA outrage with the flood of online media and communication. Or, if you’re less into the cyber-world, check out “Remix Inuit” at the Canadian Guild of Crafts, an evening of audiovisual performance with artist and producer Madeskimo, combining urban influences with traditional Inuit art. For those looking to dance, many of Canada’s greatest musicians will also be filling the Montreal airwaves, from east-coast indie prince Rich Aucoin to electronic powerhouse A Tribe Called Red. No matter what kind of night out you usually go for, Nuit Blanche has something for everyone. So step outside for some fun and fresh air – just make sure you wear your gloves.

The screening of Host of Hidden Treasure is Thursday, February 26 at 7 p.m. in the SSMU Ballroom.

Nuit Blanche is Saturday, February 28. There will be a free shuttle service and the metro will remain open all night. For more details, head to