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The “Body” Special Issue

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We traverse the world through our bodies and the world reacts to us through our physicality, whether we like it or not. So many experiences have to do with our bodies – violence, trauma, but also joy, happiness, the way we first encounter the world and how the world encounters us. Our bodies are central to everything that happens to us. We believe that our physicality affects our intersections with the world, and shapes our lives. The body is also a vessel that holds more than our present experiences – our pasts, our histories as people, the broader framework of everything that’s happened before us. We seldom realize that about each other. Our bodies show signs of that history, whether through skin colour, the way we carry ourselves, the way we choose to act, and the way we go through the world. Everyone moves through life because of the histories that they carry in their bodies, and this special issue is an attempt to give justice to this idea.

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