Police – The McGill Daily & Le Délit Joint Issue

Every year, the Daily and le Délit join forces to produce an issue that acknowledges our common history. We have been working side by side as independent student newspapers with distinct editorial lines since 1977. Beyond our common roots, we share the purpose to select and critically examine issues that tend to be absent from mainstream media. This year, as a testimony to our closeness and mutual trust, we decided to choose a topic that would leave little room for apolitical stances. “At least 65 people died through interactions with police in Canada in 2017,” according to the Georgia Straight, yet, “there is no formal, systematic process for publicly recording and reporting information about people who have been killed by police in Canada and the circumstances of those deaths.”

For this issue, we chose the theme of “police”, in order to shed light on a very specific manifestation of state power, one that remains unaccountable at the cost of marginalized peoples’ lives and safety, especially Black, Indigenous peoples, people of colour, poor, and disabled folks. In the following pages, we will explore police in its multiple meanings and realities — as an institution, an order, state violence, its experience through dissent, and many others...

Cover design: Nelly Wat, Alexis Fiocco, and Béatrice Malleret

Police — The McGill Daily & Le Délit Joint Issue