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Unfit to Print || November 7, 2017

November 7 Episode: Combating Racism in Mainstream Society

Last Tuesday marked the return of Unfit to Print, The Daily’s collaboration with CKUT. Unfit to Print is now an hour-long show hosted by Multimedia Editor Julia Bugiel. It airs on Tuesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. on 90.3 FM in Montreal and worldwide.

This episode, Julia was joined by Dolores Chew, one of the South Asian Women’s Community Centre’s founding members, to discuss anti-racism and community building. Chew is a historian and activist, and discusses the historical context and current state of racism in Montreal. Her interview took place after Freda Guttman’s talk highlighting her column “A People’s History of Montreal” in Le Canal.

The second half of the program is coverage of Desmond Cole’s talk “How to read the news,” which took place earlier that day as part of QPIRG McGill’s Culture Shock programming. Cole is a renowned Toronto journalist and a fierce advocate for racial justice and police accountability. His talk goes through headlines in traditional Canadian media and shows how they can reinforce racist and sexist preconceptions, helping listeners think critically about the news. The show also features him speaking candidly about the circumstances that led to him leaving the Toronto Star earlier this year.