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Unfit to Print || 4 February 2020

Today we have an interview with Professor Alia Al-Saji. Last Friday, The Isalmic Studies Institute held an event titled Islamophobia as Racism. Associate Professor of Philosophy, Al-Saji provided a Critical Phenomenology of Muslim Women’s Racialization. Professor Al-Saji, who has been teaching at McGill since 2002, focuses mainly on critical race, decolonial, and feminist philosophies, referencing works by Fanon, Bergson, and Merleau-Ponty. We spoke to Professor Al-Saji about her research at McGill, why she chose to speak about Muslim Women’s Racialization last Friday, and the sociopoltical climate in regards to racism in the province of Quebec. We want to issue a content warning this interview discusses Islamophobia, and colonialism.