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Unfit to Print || 28 January 2020

Today we have an interview with Professor Gregory Mikkelson, who is a tenured associate professor at The McGill School of Environment and Department of Philosophy. He has taught both higher and lower level philosophy, biology and environment courses, with research specializing in the philosophy of environmental studies, economic equality and ecological communities. Professor Mikkelson has recently been making headlines over his decision to resign from McGill, effective next week, due to the board’s decision over not divesting from fossil fuel investment. For those who do not know, divestment is the process of selling off subsidiary business interests or investments, in this case shares in companies mining oil, gas, coal and the likes. Today, we’re talking to Professor Mikkelson about his decision to resign, McGill’s governance and climate crisis awareness, and how higher education institutions can make a difference regarding environmental activism. Before that we have the remaining few minutes of our Law 21 feature from last week.