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Unfit to Print || 11 February 2020

Today we have an interview with Julie Michaud.  Julie Michaud is the Outreach Coordinator for the Centre for Gender Advocacy. In association with Concordia University,  the centre aims to fight gender oppression by spearheading progressive projects and offering support in resources along with services. Such services and resources include trans advocacy services, safer injection and drug use supplies as well as safer sex products. However, in our interview with Julie today, we mainly discussed the two on-going projects, The Mapping Project and Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Before we air our interview with Julie, we will first play the final ten minutes of last week’s interview with Professor Al-Saji. We want to issue content warnings for both interviews. Professor Al-Saji’s interview discusses Islamophobia, and colonialism. Our interview with Julie Michaud discusses colonialism along with gender-based and racialized violence.