The Story Behind the Story

Lurking beneath every Daily article are a thousand untold stories…

In the race to bring you your Daily fix of news, or sports, or culture, a lot gets lost in the shuffle here at the paper. Personalities, chains of events, origin stories – these are things that don’t quite make it into a news brief or restaurant review. Our journalists work hard, goddamnit, but they can’t follow every lead. Some stones have to be left unturned.

UNTIL NOW. This week on Unfit to Print, we turn some of those stones, taking articles that have already been published in the Daily and looking under, around, and into them, ferreting out hidden angles and untold stories, exposing worms and bugs to the daylight.

The final day of the Montreal Mirror… A Montreal donut operation takes a page from Russia… A fantasy baseball league player sounding off… A chilling portrait of McGill in 2018… A clueless arts student versus a ten million dollar microscope.