Unfit to Print opens a conversation about masculinity. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll hear:

Part 1: 1:05 A few caveats to this discussion.

Part 2: 3:10 Welcome to the show!

Part 3: 5:30 Eric Andrew-Gee talks to Paul Nathanson about misandry, the hatred of men.

Part 4: 15:10: Men who like feminism, a Kingston based group, explain how they got started to Hannah Besseau.

Part 5: 22:53: Long live the Kings: talking to a drag king about performing masculinity. By Nicole Leonard.

Part 6: 29:40: Would you pass the man test? Brendan Gordon takes a rapid view of the mixed messages sent to men through advertising.

Part 7: 35:15: Conquest and excess: Mat Leavitt on the intersection of machismo and cooking.