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On the home court

    Basketball tournament brings McGill students to the Filipino community

    Spy vs. Spy

      New book reveals Larry Chin’s thrilling infiltration of the CIA

      Lit supp part 1

        ____________________________________________ matthew donne Infinite Honey Was this from the Philly show at the Starlight Ballroom? Oh, so you’re the asshole who kept shouting ‘TV PARTY’,… Read More »Lit supp part 1

        Lit supp part 2

          suzie philippot More tell: Last words for Dutch Schulz Flegenheimer the hidden rhymes of click and dipping ammonia. Aging afternoon, colder evening, a green shape… Read More »Lit supp part 2

          Lit supp part 4

            todd frei Translating transparency I’m drifting through languages. My obsessions have turned to the names of things. I’ve stopped seeing actualities; rather, just forms of… Read More »Lit supp part 4

            Lit supp part 5

              _________________________________________ sarah mortimer Piano man His fingers were like children playing hopscotch across the keys. The envy of the playground, they hit every coordinate with… Read More »Lit supp part 5