New Year, New Clubs

A selection of new student organizations at McGill

SSMU’s annual Activities Night is taking place online this week, on September 13 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. SSMU is also holding an “After Hours” party on September 14 to celebrate the return of student life at McGill. This year, Activities Night boasts over 250 booths showcasing the clubs and societies which McGill has to offer. With the return of in-person, student-run organizations comes the creation of new organizations as well: here, the Daily has rounded up some of the new organizations that McGill students have recently founded.

Black Students’ Financial Society

This is a new organization within the Management Undergraduate Society founded by third-year student Vanessa Richardson. It seeks to “Promote financial literacy and the growth of Black-owned businesses in the McGill and greater Montreal community.” Their plans for the year include starting an annual Black Student Entrepreneur Showcase and High School Outreach Program, along with coordinating seminars, grant opportunities, and workshops.

Making Drugs More Accurate

Officially launched on September 10, Making Drugs More Accurate offers drug-checking services and education on harm reduction to McGill students. Organizers will distribute drug-testing reagents to students upon request via an anonymous Google Form. Additionally, members of the organization say they will circulate QR codes throughout campus, leading students to a Google Document with information on the necessity of harm reduction, how testing kits can be requested and used, and how reagents work. They currently have a Google Drive with more information on how students can access their services.

Course Comics Club:

Founded by Vera Lynn, this organization seeks to give a creative outlet to McGill students by having them illustrate comics about the material they learn at school. According to a Facebook post that Lynn made regarding the founding of this club, teaching the content of a lesson is a way to develop a deeper understanding of class material – thus, participation in the club can serve as a way for students to study both effectively and enjoyably. The deadline to apply for executive positions is September 15.

Interested in applying to start your own club? See for more information. Applications for the 2021-2022 school year close March 26, 2022.