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Missed Connections, Secret Admirers, and More!

In the spirit of Queer History Month, the Daily decided to pay homage to one way that LGBTQ+ communities communicated before we found our hubs on the internet: personal ads. Typically found in newspapers, zines, and even on Craigslist, we are now hosting them on for the first time.

Missed Connections

to the girl in all my anthropology classes: everything you say is so smart, I hope we can get to know each other fr once it’s legal to have friends again

To the curmudgeonly paramedic who often ignores my invitations to hang out: Thank you for your service. I hope we eat at Bofinger some time soon.

saoirse ronan…our connection is missing

To the can of yerba mate I saw in the depanneur — I hope we meet again soon

Secret Admirers

A.L., I’m lucky to have gotten to know you. I’m grateful for this summer. I hope that the world is treating you well and that the Robert Pattinson TikToks make you smile <3 K.E.

a: i don’t know how to tell you this but i love u 😳

to the tall bird with the small hat: i don’t care if you’re only 2 inches tall, i love you just the same

To the person who’s 5’10” with a 10’5″ wingspan, I’m happy to know you and happier to be with you. I hope we’re together for another 10 months, but no more after that.


I met one of my best friends at QM last year. He is so amazing, sweet, down to earth, and he makes me a better person ❤ (and also lets me borrow his books)

ant!! thank u for all of our gender screaming chats, janelle monae viewing parties, and late night geoguessr stories. i am very glad u are my friend. xoxo, ice cream sandwich man

kate ur gay