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Mile End Sublet
turns out moving in with partner of two weeks was not a smart idea. must be okay with cats, my ex has three fosters.

suspect (my wife) wanted in connection to a crime. she stole my heart!! sandra if you’re reading this give it back! i am so in love with you!

PSA i am vegan
just wanted y’all to know i am a vegan thanks

ISO dad hats quirky but not too quirky y’know?

advice wanted! i can’t tell if my wife of 10 years is in love with me or just being friendly. every day she tells me she’s grateful i’m in her life, but she probably says that to all her friends. am i reading too much into this?

WANTED: plant therapist. my succulent is a very messy scorpio.

thrifted flannel pop- up sale. also selling stick & pokes and handmade soaps. 2 AM, plateau. be there or be str8.

twelve gays in search of one brain cell that can do math.

in search of: a reason to not re-download tinder; or, a new source of superficial validation

ISO driving lessons
i am gay and cannot drive

missed connection
you were wearing a sweater with a goose on it. i am BISEXUAL.

WANTED: solidarity, a pretty girl to light cigarettes for, gay cheerleader sex, and a hand to hold.

Help! looking for a personality source that isn’t the manic pixie dream girl trope. ideas? find me looking pensively at the sky.