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Legislative Council Motion on Climate Justice

Vote To Take Place At Next Council

The second SSMU Legislative Council of the year took place on September 26, at which SSMU President Bryan Buraga spoke on the Motion Regarding Policy on Moratorium on McGill Fees Until Fossil Fuel Divestment.

If passed, the motion would, per Buraga, “establish a moratorium on all new ancillary fees, or other fees that require a referendum to our student body” and not affect bursaries, scholarships for students in need, or funding that faculties receive from McGill.

“We must demonstrate our resolve in the face of continued inaction on fossil fuel divestment by McGill University,” he told Council. “I trust that you will find that [your constituencies] will be willing to use our financial power to demonstrate just how important fossil fuel divestment is to our student body.”

The motion will be voted on at the next Council, which will take place on October 10.

An extended article on the past SSMU Legislative Council by Alex Karasick will also be available online. 

Karasick contributed significant reporting to this update.