fukc fuck fkck fcku

Fuck imperialism, fuck Trudeau, fuck imperialist coups, fuck Guaidó, fuck hand-stitching, fuck long-distance, fuck typing on mobile, fuck my right foot, fuck heck, fuck berets, fuck Baker- Miller pink, fuck minimalism, fuck everything that sparks joy, fuck bureaucracy, fuck each and every united state of America, fuck the West, fuck Israel, fuck AUS.

Fuck succulents, fuck mason jars, fuck succulents in mason jars, fuck “artisanal” products made by white people, fuck white people, fuck third chances, fuck unproductive anger, fuck showtunes, fuck Ariana Grande, fuck movies romanticizing rapists and murderers, fuck TV shows glamorizing stalkers, fuck the weather, fuck stan culture, fuck centrists, fuck leftist bros, fuck straight people, fuck “straight” people, fuck straight people who adopt a queer poor aesthetic.

Fuck cats, fuck whoever wrote “fuck cats,” fuck dogs honestly, fuck whoever wrote “fuck dogs honestly,” fuck jeans that make your butt look good but are too small, fuck best friends who don’t tell you that they have been dating your ex for four months, fuck this wind, fuck polar vortices, fuck volar portices, fuck global warming.

Fuck squid, fuck lights turning off after 10:25, fuck Hydro Quebec, fuck landlords who don’t fix washing machines, fuck rent, fuck this academic term, fuck the administration, fuck the government, fuck the Rossy Student Wellness Hub, fuck McGill’s “Master Plan.”

Fuck white professors explaining immigration, fuck white professors teaching Indigenous culture, fuck borders, fuck academic opportunity, fuck “politically neutral,” fuck devil’s advocate, fuck students at the back of class who ask if philosophical questions can be solved with machine learning, fuck people who discount your feelings, fuck feelings, fuck overpriced coffee, fuck meal prepping, fuck unpaid labour, fuck invisible labour, fuck fricking fucken fuck fuckers.

Fuck working in a basement for 8 hours, fuck computers, fuck social media, fuck giving money for a white chick’s world trip, fuck all this negativity, fuck suburbia, fuck Brokeback Mountain, fuck racists in IDS, fuck racists in general, fuck double standards, fuck Zionists, fuck BIPOC solidarity that enables colourism, fuck not acknowledging your white-passing privilege, fuck white comedy stand-ups, fuck gentrification, fuck beauty standards, fuck eating disorders, fuck McGill for slashing their eating disorder program, fuck settler-colonialism.

Fuck Bell Let’s Talk, fuck corporate greed co-opting mental health awareness, fuck awareness, fuck doing nothing but having one awareness week per year, fuck the EU parliament, fuck being “apolitical,” fuck “scientific” studies, fuck profs who use the n-word for the sake of “learning,” fuck profs who recognize their syllabi are lacking Indigenous content yet don’t do anything to fix it, fuck knowing your prof is a predator and still having to take his class, fuck “by the end of this academic term, I will communicate my decision regarding whether to change the R*dmen name,” fuck academia, fuck studying abroad and “learning about other cultures,” fuck InDesign, fuck me, fuck white people who study Arabic.

Fuck Netflix original shows, fuck when you step in slush puddles and they’re deep and it goes in your shoes, fuck being sick but not being able to skip classes without jeopardizing your semester, fuck right-wing campus papers, fuck “neutral” campus papers, fuck slipping on ice, fuck the word“dude,”fuck capital letters.

Fuck France, fuck French, fuck French people, fuck having a photographic memory, fuck camping, fuck campus politics, fuck nacho fingers, fuck oral weed spray, fuck SNL, fuck S&L, fuck midterms in January, fuck letters of recommendation, fuck application fees, fuck grad school, fuck med school, fuck hubs, fuck expensive thrift stores, fuck friperies.

Fuck deli meats, fuck meat, fuck vegans, fuck tokenism, fuck Axe, fuck Irish Spring, fuck Britain, fuck XXXTentacion, fuck 6ix9ine, fuck glorifying the dead, fuck astrology, fuck enabling your abusive friends, fuck white people who vacation in Cuba, fuck Birthright, fuck skiing, fuck white culture, fuck exercise, fuck men, fuck “boys will be boys,” fuck having children, fuck “they’re just kids,” fuck the future, fuck my future, fuck your future, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.