News | AUS creates oversight committee for SNAX

The Legislative Council of the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) met on Wednesday January 25. Councilors created an oversight committee for SNAX, the student-run cafe in the Leacock Building, and dealt with various administrative matters.

The motion to create an ad-hoc SNAX Oversight and Advisory Committee passed unanimously, as a result of the cafe’s “significant financial impact on the budget of the AUS” and its lack of direct accountability to Council. The Committee will be co-chaired by the AUS President and the VP Finance, and include four councilors and one SNAX cashier.

It is mandated to “improve [the] financial state” of the cafe, which ran a deficit last semester, the exact amount of which was not revealed at Council, and to present a report at every meeting of AUS Council.

Council also voted unanimously to reinstate the Italian Studies Student Association, which was temporarily inactive. They also unanimously agreed to appoint AUS VP Academic Erik Partridge and Arts Senator William Cleveland to the Arts Student Employment Fund Committee (ASEFC).
As stated in a motion that was then proposed from the floor, the ASEFC “meets annually to allocate funding for research and other academically advancing positions across campus.”

This motion aimed to reinstate Arts Senator Charles Keita as a member of AUS Council. Apparently, Keita had been automatically suspended from Council because, due to a scheduling conflict, he had missed more than four meetings over the Fall semester. Despite this, however, he had continued to serve on Senate. The motion in question, which passed unanimously at Wednesday’s meeting, simply made him an official AUS councilor once again.

Finally, Council heard reports from various departmental associations, from the Arts Representatives and Senators, and from the AUS Executives.

In her report, AUS VP Communications Chanèle Couture De-Graft explained that Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) Ollivier Dyens had created a taskforce “to reenvision the pathway to a McGill degree.” Couture De-Graft sits on the committee, and asked students at Council to consult with her if they wanted her to bring any ideas to future meetings of the taskforce.

A previous version of this article stated that Ollivier Dyens had instigated the creation of a taskforce, which would include student members, and that Couture De-Graft had invited any interested students to get in touch with her. In fact, the taskforce has already been created, Couture De-Graft sits on the committee, and she had asked students to consult with her if they had any ideas they wanted her to bring to the taskforce. The Daily regrets the error.