Commentary  “Yes” to QPIRG existence referendum

The McGill Daily endorses a “yes” vote for the QPIRG-McGill existence referendum, which seeks to continue funding QPIRG through an opt-outable student fee of 5$ per semester. QPIRG, the Quebec Public Research Group at McGill, is a non-profit funded and run by students that organizes applied community-based research and education programs, and events around environmental and social justice issues.

QPIRG-McGill is responsible for popular and essential events and education series such as Rad Frosh, Culture Shock and Social Justice Days. Aside from its own programming, the organization supports and serves as an umbrella organization for 18 volunteer-run working groups such as Tadamon!, Solidarity Across Borders, and Accessibilize Montreal!, to name a few. QPIRG-McGill helps to foster links between McGill students and the larger Montreal community, often overlooked in student organizing on campus. Through programs such as the Community University Research Exchange, an initiative that pairs student researchers with community organizations, QPIRG provides the opportunity for students to get to know and get involved with Montreal communities.

QPIRG-McGill should continue to exist; it is an invaluable resource for anyone doing anti-oppression work on campus.

Daily editors Ralph Haddad, Chantelle Schultz, and Coco Zhou did not participate in the discussion or writing of this endorsement, as they are involved in the Yes committee.