Commentary | “Yes” to CKUT’s existence referendum

The Daily endorses a “yes” vote for the CKUT existence referendum question, which asks whether CKUT should continue to receive McGill student fees of $3.00 a semester. Currently CKUT is an independent, grassroots, non-profit radio station that is a crucial part of alternative media at McGill and in Montreal. With both community and McGill volunteers, CKUT provides a space where McGill students can connect with the greater Montreal community through technical training and events. CKUT’s content and programming includes music, news, and culture that are not covered or given space in mainstream radios, with shows like Native Solidarity News, Prison Radio, and OWL (Older Women Live).

Readers should note that The Daily holds an interest in the outcome of the CKUT referendum question, as it produces its radio show, Unfit to Print, with CKUT.