Compendium  They Treat Men Like Mushrooms

A work of spoetry (look it up)

I have been a Men’s Rights Activist
since 1987.
What has been happening is vicious bullying of men;
a Femifascist dictatorship,
more or less.

I was studying for a Graduate Diploma
in Political Science.
No Feminist has ever proved that men are privileged
and that women are disadvantaged.
Feminist dogma.

Grotesque Anti-Male Bias:
The notion
that the predominance of men in decision-making positions
proves that men are oppressing women.
I am concerned.

In my book, “Sex, Lies & Feminism
I wrote:
Helen-Clark-style Lesbian Feminist matriarchies
are a threat to Western civilization;
hostile to so-called “Patriarchy”.

Lesbian Feminist colonies are carrying out a war
on men.
They say Lesbianism is good Feminist practice.
Through Dykismo’s Unholy Alliance with Machismo,
New Zealand oppresses men.

You want to imprison men for saying things that women do not like!
My criminal case,
this is not just about me.
The Police are a bunch of man-hating sexist scum,
just a women’s poodle.

I do not know how many allegations made by women against men
are false.
But, Sport is men’s great disadvantage in the Sex War –
women are controlling men by letting them have beer and sport!
A form of bullying.

Men only have rights when they are viewed as possessions of women!
They Treat Men Like Mushrooms.
I am concerned with the pay equity process.
He NEVER invites Men’s Rights Activists
to make any jokes.

A proposed Matriarchal flag design was rejected.
But why
didn’t you ask for comment from men’s groups?
Returning Spain to the days of the Inquisition,
you treat Masculists as the enemy!

A bunch of vicious, incompetent, man-hating moos!
They oppress (bully) other men,
for they had no Men’s Rights activists.
The undermining of “Patriarchy” is a form of Matriarchy,
which is what we have.

I proved the existence of a Feminist conspiracy.
No Male Studies courses
in totalitarian-Feminist universities!
“We have to submit to this irresistible wave!”
There is no coherent alternative.