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Support pathways in the Faculty of Education


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Re: “Speak louder than racism” (February 8, Commentary, page 9).

The Faculty of Education is surprised and disheartened to read of this student’s experience. After verification, the Faculty confirms that this student did not contact the Internships & Student Affairs (ISA) Office, nor the Undergraduate Program Director, the Department Chair, nor anyone in the Dean’s Office to seek support in this regrettable matter. Unfortunately, as the letter is anonymous, it is not possible for us to respond directly. If the student wishes to contact us and discuss this matter further, we encourage her to do so, and we will offer all needed support. We will also confirm the very clear pathways that exist for students to follow in situations such as this.

—Fiona J. Benson,
Director, Internships & Student Affairs Office; Associate Professor, Department of Integrated Studies in Education