AUS Council talks Leacock renovations, considers study spaces

At its meeting on February 10, the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) Legislative Council passed a number of administrative motions and discussed possible renovations to the Leacock building.

Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund allocations

First, Council voted unanimously to approve the funding allocations decided upon at the February 10 meeting of the Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Committee. Expenditures for the coming year include new couches for the Arts Lounge and equipment for SNAX. The full list of allocations is available on the AUS website.

AUS Financial Bylaws

Following this, an amendment to the AUS Financial Bylaws was approved unanimously.

“Say the VP Academic funds your peer tutoring program. We would expect you to write something in your listserv [thanking them for the funding].”

Its purpose, explained VP Academic and one of the movers of the motion Gabriel Gilling, was to make sure that when “any unit […] receives funding from the AUS […] we just ask for a public recognition that the fund comes from us.”

“For example,” said Gilling, “say the VP Academic funds your peer tutoring program. We would expect you to write something in your listserv [thanking them for the funding].”

Winter referendum period and departmental association elections

Council also voted in favour of a motion scheduling both a referendum period and a departmental election period in March. Questions for the former may be submitted no later than February 26, and candidates for the latter will be nominated between March 10 and March 16, with a potential extended nomination period going until March 18. Voting in both the referendum and elections will take place during the last week of March.

Leacock space project

AUS President Jacob Greenspon presented various proposals for renovations to the Leacock building, which could be implemented in coming years, and which would be financed through the AUS reserve funds.

“The main focus here is on public spaces,” said Greenspon, explaining that the basement, ground floor, and second floor of Leacock experience “some of the heaviest traffic [of any McGill building],” and “aren’t used very efficiently right now.”

“Some of the heaviest traffic [of any McGill building…] aren’t used very efficiently right now.”

Proposals include adding a substantial study area with tables beside SNAX (though this would contravene the temporary Memorandum of Agreement regarding the student-run shop), reducing the number of computers on the ground floor, and creating comfortable lounge areas in various high-traffic spots.

Other business

A motion to adopt a revised constitution for the Computer Science Undergraduate Society was postponed in order for new amendments to be added.

VP Finance Mirza Ali Shakir told Council that sandwiches should be back in SNAX this week. Shakir said there has been a slight delay in order to ensure that the shop is meeting the highest standards of hygiene.