Compendium  Questions I had about pop culture in 2015

Will 2016 bring answers?

  1. When people have “squad goals” as the captions for photos of them and their friends, do they mean that they have achieved their squad goals? Or that our goal, as the viewer, should be for our squad to be as cool as their squad? Or that their squad still has a long way to go to attain its goals? In the words of Justin Bieber, what do u mean?
  2. Who is Meek Mill? Why does Norm Kelly care?
  3. Does everyone use a ghostwriter? Is it all just a lie?
  4. Whatever happened to Lady Gaga?
  5. What is a ‘fetty wap’?
  6. How many keys to success are there in total? How many of these keys do I have to follow before I am DJ Khaled?
  7. Why did we ever doubt Justin Bieber?
  8. Why did “Bad Blood” win video of the year at the VMAs? Was it not just a really long credit reel?
  9. Why can’t The Weeknd feel his face? How much cocaine does one have to take to not feel one’s face?
  10. Re: that Instagram star who ‘exposed’ Instagram as fake – did anyone really think Instagram profiles were real? Was Snapchat just paying her to make Instagram look bad?
  11. Who is the ultimate white feminist – Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, or Lena Dunham?
  12. Where is Rihanna’s eighth album? Was that all just a lie?
  13. If Kanye is God, and his son is Saint, what does that make Kim? Is she Mary? How does North feel about all of this?
  14. Are Jaden and Willow Smith always on LSD, or just sometimes?
  15. Did Drake actually think he was dancing well?