EDITORIALS | SSMU Fall 2015 Referendum endorsements


Safety Network Fee – YES

The Safety Network Fee replaces the McGill Student Emergency Response Team (M-SERT) and Sexual Assault Centre of McGill Students’ Society (SACOMSS) fee levies, as well as the base membership fee transfers from SSMU to Drivesafe, Walksafe, and M-SERT, with a single fee levy of $3.97 per student per semester. This change would simplify the collection of the fees and enact a modest fee increase for each of the services. The Daily endorses a “yes” vote on this question to support the work of these essential and widely used volunteer-run services, which provide support and advocacy for survivors of sexual assault, emergency first aid, and nighttime accompaniment for students.

CKUT fee increase – YES

As a campus-community radio station, CKUT airs independent, grassroots, and anti-oppressive content, and features extensive programming for and by McGill students. It is a unique learning space for students interested in sound recording, production, journalism, and broadcasting, in addition to providing student employment opportunities. The station also serves as a meeting point between McGill and the broader Montreal community, and collaborates with numerous campus groups. Currently under financial strain, CKUT is requesting an increase of $1.50 to its opt-outable fee, with the total ranging between $4 and $6.50 per student per semester, depending on faculty and course load. The Daily endorses a “yes” vote on this fee increase, which is necessary for CKUT to keep up with inflation, update its equipment, and maintain and expand its programming.

Multimedia editor Anya Sivajothy is a member of the “yes” committee for this question, and did not contribute to the discussion and endorsement of this fee increase.

—The McGill Daily editorial board

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