News | SSMU VP Internal Lola Baraldi resigns


This story is in development. The article will be updated to reflect any changes that may occur. Latest update was on October 1, 5:19 p.m..

Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) VP Internal Lola Baraldi resigned from her position on October 1.

In an interview with The Daily, SSMU President Kareem Ibrahim stated that Baraldi left the position due to personal reasons. Ibrahim also explained that the tasks of the VP Internal will now be divided among the remaining executive and permanent staff members of SSMU.

This resignation comes as a second blow to SSMU, as it follows the resignation of its general manager Jennifer Varkonyi, which came into effect on September 30.

“We’ve been quite wrapped up with contingency planning for the absence of the general manager, which came into effect as of yesterday. And this new vacancy will be dealt with through delegation, in addition to what will hopefully be the hiring of some new staff to help deal with the additional tasks that the executives will be responsible for,” Ibrahim told The Daily.

Ibrahim also explained that SSMU staff and finances have already been spread thin this year, noting that it will be “an overwhelming year.”

“There was basically an expense that was unaccounted for in last year’s budget, so we had to find a lot of money in other areas of the budget to make ends meet. We cut a lot of student staff hours, [and] various full-time and a few part-time positions altogether,” Ibrahim said.