Compendium  Fuck this(es)!

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Fuck men

Fuck men. Fuck white men who talk down to you like you’re a fucking baby. Fuck men who mansplain the most fucking obvious thing to you. Fuck white men who speak to you as less-than because they have ‘achieved’ things you have not. Because they don’t even fucking get that they had things handed to them on a silver fucking platter. Because they don’t fucking get how you have to work twice as hard as them to take one-tenth of the space they take. Fuck white men who attribute your words to another white man in the room, or even fucking worse, address another man in the room when responding to your ideas. And honestly, fuck people who don’t notice, or brush off your reaction to this fucking bullshit. What kind of friend doesn’t give a flying fuck when you feel like you’ve been absolutely fucking crushed by the hands of this white man patriarchy.

Fuck cold-ass buildings

Fuck McGill’s cold-ass buildings. Fuck sitting here trying to work and freezing my ass off even though I’m wearing multiple layers, a toque, and mitts (it’s fucking hard to type this). Fuck McGill admin’s full-on-bullshit MRO on the “shoulder season” telling us their building infrastructure is too old to handle the strain of fall weather – THE TEMPERATURE IS FLUCTUATING BETWEEN NUMBING AND ABSOLUTE ZERO AND THE RADIATORS ARE LITERALLY FUCKING BUILT TO DEAL WITH COLD. Finally, fuck their disgusting hypocrisy: while we’re all huddling together watching our breath freeze, the James Administration building is a toasty, tropical paradise – those cronies aren’t layering up and making the best of it, they just have no fucking problem asking the rest of us to do so.

Fuck lawyers

Fuck lawyers. Fuck their pretentious, egomaniacal, narcissistic little selves who think they’re so much better than you because they went to law school. Fuck them for thinking that they’re qualified to speak on literally any fucking topic imaginable and that their opinion matters to anyone but themselves. Fuck their privileged petty-bourgeois asses for having no regard for ethics and feeding off a violent legal system that perpetuates human suffering. Fuck those sleazy fuckers who line their pockets by making baseless accusations with no repercussions, scaring the fucking shit out of people who did nothing wrong with obfuscated language and ridiculous misinterpretations. I’d rather go to jail than interact with someone whose entire fucking profession is best described as a pompous fusion of racketeering and intellectual contortionism.

Fuck second year

Fuck second year. Fuck moving out of rez and into adulthood, which turns out to be a badly-heated shithole of an apartment with a cave for a basement. Fuck looking forward to getting out of the McGill bubble only to find out that the Plateau is the same bubble, but worse because everyone thinks it’s not. Fuck plunging toilets. Fuck fucking, and a lack thereof. Fuck Rawls and Freud and Blue Dog. Fuck the asshole who lives upstairs and bangs on your door to tell you that she’s sick of hearing you work out every Tuesday and Thursday and asks why you don’t get sick of listening to the same shitty music all the time. Fuck studying, fuck procrastination. Fuck when your friends drop out and move back home. Fuck eating pasta EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Fuck having to pick a major when you just want to learn everything and study nothing. Fuck having to find a decent summer job while you’re too fucking busy trying to pick a major. Fuck the people who ask what you want to do with your life. What do I want to do? I want to fucking sleep, for fuck’s sake.