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Apology from The Daily’s editorial board


On September 21, an anti-Semitic tweet was brought to our attention via the official Twitter accounts of some McGill Daily sections. The tweet had been made by a current Daily editor on their personal account before becoming an editor. The Daily mishandled the situation by failing to adequately address the anti-Semitic nature of the tweet. As such, the editorial board of The McGill Daily would like to issue a public apology.

While tweets made on editors’ personal accounts do not represent the views of the editorial board, it has been brought to our attention that our failure to condemn the tweet when Daily editors were first made aware of it was an inadequate response. It should have been made immediately clear both by the editor responsible for the tweet and the rest of the editorial board that the tweet was oppressive and not condoned by The Daily. The failure of the editorial board to do so was an act of complicity with anti-Semitism and a violation of our Statement of Principles.

Discussions of anti-Semitism have not been given enough space in our paper in recent years, which is something we hope to change. In order to further our understanding of anti-Semitism, the editorial board of The McGill Daily will undergo anti-oppression training  this semester specifically focused on anti-Semitism.

We apologize for mishandling this situation.

—The McGill Daily editorial board

This apology was prompted by a letter originally sent on October 5.