Culture  Who to see at OAP

Week one's must-see acts

Open Air Pub (or OAP) is McGill’s semi-annual back-to-school cookout in Three Bares park, also known as that ditch next to the Arts Building with a fountain in it. It would officially bill itself as ‘The Happiest Place on Earth,’ which it arguably is for its two short weeks, if not for the copyright issue with Disneyland. As OAP has grown in popularity over the years, the entertainment lineup has gotten better and better. Here’s a list of acts you’ll regret not seeing.

Tuesday, September 1

OAP kicks off on Tuesday with Beaux Dégâts, one of the coolest events Montreal has to offer. Beaux Dégâts challenges teams of street and graffiti artists to timed competitions revolving around a common theme. Spectators vote with their beer cans for their favourite piece. This unique event is not to be missed.

Wednesday, September 2

Self-identifying as cream pop, Cult Classic is the perfect band to listen to on a warm summer night while sipping a Sleeman surrounded by fairy lights. Be sure to come out and support your local student musicians on Wednesday. Full disclosure: one of the creators of Cult Classic’s blissful sound, Rosie Long Decter, also moonlights as Community Editor at The Daily.

Thursday, September 3

Bringing some musical diversity to OAP’s indie rock-heavy lineup on Thursday, Clay and Friends’ genre-blending mix of hip-hop, funk, jazz, soul, and reggae promises to be a good time. Come prepared to enjoy a spontaneous jam session under the stars.

Friday, September 4

Boasting an impressive resume of big name performances, Montreal rapper Taigenz (who opened for Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T, and Denzel Curry, to name a few) is not to be missed. Solid production, witty MC’ing, and party anthems await Friday’s OAP audience.