EDITORIALS  Greetings from the basement


Thanks for picking up a copy of The Daily – even if only to use it as a samosa wrapper. We hope you find our Disorientation Guide adequately orienting and are ready to start a new year in Montreal. You can look for a new issue of The Daily every Monday, for stories from McGill and the greater Montreal community.

Much has changed at The Daily since our humble origins as a sports rag in 1911. We began addressing controversial topics in the 1960s, and in recent years, we’ve chronicled the Quebec student strikes, austerity cuts, and the never-ending SSMU drama. This year, we’ve replaced one news editor position with a second web editor position to shift our focus to online coverage. If print is dying, then we refuse to die with it.

The Daily is guided by a Statement of Principles (SOP) that mandates us to be critical of societal power structures in our coverage, and to give space in our paper to voices and issues that are often overlooked in the mainstream media. As a student publication, we aim to hold the McGill administration accountable to its students, as well as highlight the role that postsecondary education plays in maintaining the current oppressive sociopolitical order.

Intrigued? Send us an email, drop by one of our meetings, and look out for our upcoming workshop week from September 21 to 25. We welcome everyone, regardless of experience! Whether you want to get more involved on campus, have a say on issues that are important to you, or just want a space to express your creativity, there will always be a place for you here in the cozy basement of the SSMU building, room B-24.

—The McGill Daily Editorial Board