Culture  CFCF – Radiance and Submission

Montreal producer paints ephemeral soundscapes with third album

The sounds of CFCF’s latest album, Radiance and Submission, mimic haunted whispers and old memories. The wispy tones of the songs require listeners to become introspective – the exact sort of perspective intended by the artist.

The Montreal producer’s third album opens with a jumble of voices – a thousand indistinguishable strangers telling their stories – before easing into overlapping arpeggios. Slowly but surely, tracks start to gestate and individuate themselves through the musical primordial mist, developing throughout the rest of the album.

Standout tracks are “A Various Language (From the Same Hill),” which takes an eighties instrumental turn, and “Tethered in Dark,” an electro-waltz composed of bells and chimes.  For first-time CFCF listeners, the penultimate track “La Soufrière” is the most approachable, with a strong melodic line through the composition. A lot of the tracks consist of thematic arpeggios that echo soft background vocals. Much of the ambience of the eight-track album is generated by a constant buzz; sometimes with cicadas, sometimes with electronic feedback. This white noise of sorts weaves a meditative atmosphere that soothes the listener, creating the perfect sonic environment for reflection.

Radiance and Submission is an album for those who want to take time out of their day to relax. This Montreal producer explores experimental sound extremely well for those interested in avant-garde tunes.