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Year in review: Features

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“I will not forget the moment when they called us to the flight on [May 29, 2014]. It opened up a lot of doors for the family, especially for the children’s education.”
Jassem Al Dandashi, Syrian refugee

“The situation is so difficult. Continuous airstrikes target houses round the clock. So far over 580 houses were destroyed, some of them after the alleged ceasefire. In some of these house targeting raids, whole families were obliterated, at one instance a family of 18 was killed at once.”
Belal Dabour, medical doctor living in Gaza

“I distanced myself from engineering for a long time because it made me feel unwanted, or like I didn’t really fit in it.”
Chemical Engineering student at McGill

“There are hardly any fresh fruits and vegetables here. […] By the time they get up North, they are frozen [and spoiled], and still they are so expensive.”
Claire*, Inuit mother of two from Nunavut
(*name has been changed)

“[We] can’t pretend that the first relationship that settler colonials on [Canadian] soil had with black bodies wasn’t that of enslavement. You can’t run away from that fact.”
Kai Thomas, McGill student