EDITORIALS  The Tribune existence referendum and SSMU Fall referendum endorsements


Tribune Publications Society Existence Referendum – YES

As per the McGill Tribune’s agreement with the University, its existence and its fees – $3.00 per term, non-opt-outable, for undergraduates; and $0.75 per term, non-opt-outable, for graduates – are up for a vote.

It is crucial to a campus that student publications exist and can be sustained without financial involvement from student unions or the University. Student media must be accessible to all students, both undergraduates and graduates, which is why The Daily endorses a “yes” vote for both the undergraduate and graduate fees, and for the Tribune’s existence.

A diversity of choices is crucial as well – McGill students encompass a broad variety of backgrounds and perspectives, and different publications serve different interests. The more publications offered, the more students can get involved in contributing, especially since McGill lacks a formal journalism or fine arts program. Additionally, student media is an important tool for holding the administration and other powerful players at McGill accountable.

Motion Regarding the SSMU TVM: Student Television at McGill Fee – YES

This motion proposes to restructure the TVM fee from a per-credit to a per-semester or per-year basis; as such, it complicates administrative duties for TVM. TVM is a crucial part of the McGill media system; restructuring the fee would put it on par with other media outlets at McGill and make no change to the amount of the fee.

Motion Regarding Black Students’ Network Fee – YES

The Black Students’ Network (BSN) plays a crucial role on our campus, not only in providing support for black McGill students but also in educating the McGill community on important issues related to race. At McGill, an institution that has a long history of racism and that continues to operate along racialized hierarchies today, the role the BSN plays is particularly important.

Directly funding the BSN is important not only to better its services, but also symbolically, as it would allow for the members of SSMU, rather than solely the student union, to directly support the BSN’s activities. Providing this sort of university-wide support for an incredibly important student group is vital.

—The McGill Daily Editorial Board