EDITORIALS  The Daily’s endorsement on the building fee


University Centre Building Fee – YES

This question asks to approve a fee levy of $5.78 and $2.89 per semester for full-time and part-time students respectively. SSMU plays an invaluable role in student life – to do this, it needs a building to operate in. While the lease itself and the way it was negotiated is less than ideal, it has been signed and has real financial consequences. Without the fee, SSMU will have to cover the increased costs embedded in the lease by slashing its budget, which would result in increased prices and fewer services across the board. The negative consequences of not paying the fee far outweigh the cost of the fee itself.

Rent and utilities fee – YES

If this question passes, the fee would be indexed by a rate of 5.6 per cent annually to cover the rent and utilities hike agreed upon in the lease. The Daily endorses a “yes” for this question as the yearly increase in rent and utilities is clearly outlined in SSMU’s lease. It would be futile to approve a fee that did not cover the total cost of the lease.

Readers should note that The Daily holds an interest in the outcome of the referendum as its office is located in the SSMU building.


—The McGill Daily Editorial Board