EDITORIALS  School’s back, and so is The Daily


Thanks for opening up our first issue. Whether you’re anxiously awaiting your first class, or tapping your toes in anticipation of graduation, here’s a crash course (or a refresher) on The Daily.

The Daily first went to press in 1911 as a daily sports paper, and gained editorial independence from SSMU in 1981. Now, The Daily is a weekly newspaper run by a non-hierarchical collective of editors and contributors. As an alternative campus media source, we get our hands dirty taking a critical look at what’s going on around McGill and the Montreal community.

Our Statement of Principles, called the SOP for short, mandates us to provide space to marginalized voices and recognize that all events are inherently political. This means we not only cover topics that other campus or mainstream media overlook, but that we try to take different angles on the issues being covered. We also aim to keep the paper accountable by inviting criticism in the form of letters and a Readers’ Advocate column.

The Daily likes to think of itself as an alternative journalism school for editors and contributors alike. This year, we’ll be offering training and workshop weeks to sharpen your journalistic skills, including J-Week, an event series run by The Daily and Le Délit that features guest speakers drawn from professional journalism.

As we continue to change as a newspaper, we’ve stopped publishing our Health&Education section in print and online, and will be integrating its content into other sections of the paper. Other editorial board changes include the removal of one design position, the addition of a second multimedia position, and the addition of a new community position.

New issues hit the stands every Monday, but be sure to check out our website for more content, including our radio show Unfit to Print. If you want to write, draw, take photos, or otherwise be a part of The Daily, send us an email, or drop by our basement office located at B-24 in the Shatner building.

—The McGill Daily Editorial Board