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Head coach resigns over University response to charges against athlete

University to proceed with varsity participation regulatory review

On September 30, Redmen head coach Clint Uttley announced his resignation. The move was a response to a September 26 statement from Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) Ollivier Dyens that addressed the recent domestic violence-related charges filed against player Luis-Andres Guimont-Mota and called for a re-evaluation of regulations for varsity sports participation.

Guimont-Mota was arrested on charges of armed robbery, threat, and assault on September 24 and was suspended from the team the same day. He was also convicted of aggravated assault after an incident in May 2010, and served an intermittent ninety-day sentence on Sundays only so as not to interfere with football training and practice.

Uttley, who has occupied the head coach position since 2011 and holds a Master of Education in Inclusive Education, said in a statement that the University’s response, particularly the assertion that Guimont-Mota should not have been offered a place on the team in the first place, did not align with his personal beliefs and values.

“I believe in rehabilitation. The student athlete accepted his conviction and did his punishment, a fact that was not hidden from the University. At the time of his arrival, the University tolerated and accepted his presence and then proceeded to celebrate his accomplishments thereafter,” read Uttley’s statement.

“I cannot work for an organization that does not embrace equity and inclusiveness. Post-secondary education should be accessible for all, not just the ones’ who have no known incidences.”

The University accepted Uttley’s resignation and confirmed that the regulation review will proceed.