Compendium  Goodbye and thanks for all the memes

McGall Memes supremo reflects on a neglected art form

When people ask me about my post-graduation plans, I often tell them that I am done with McGall. For the past four years this university has been hostile and rude and highly dismissive. I am exasperated with this university and everything about it. McGall is a school full of bureaucracy, grade deflation, and incredibly pretentious and hypocritical undergrads who don’t laugh at memes.

I mean come on guys, memes are really funny and critical. It’s like humour but with jokes you’ve heard before. You know like how people in the Faculty of Farts don’t get jobs, McGall is cold, and Disservice Point has long lines. But all these ideas are put over funny pictures of animals and figures from pop culture.

I’m sorry, I got distracted. Conferences are full of hostile students who are fighting for recognition at the expense of friendship and cooperation. Competition for grades leaves no room for collaboration. Also no one in conferences goes, ‘Hey! Are you the meme man? Good job on the memes, man!’ or similarly clever ways of congratulating someone for being really creative and a meme-master.

Also, McGall’s administration refuses to provide students with essential guidance like mental health services or an acknowledgement of a certain Facebook page with thousands of likes.

McGall is full of hostile students, did I mention that the students were hostile and not friendly? There is no larger campus culture. I know we are a large diverse campus unwilling to coalesce around a scandal-ridden oppressive sports culture like schools in the United States. But how about memes? Have we tried that? What if we all came together to laugh at memes? Like memes were football? Or religion? What if we all worshipped memes? I have a really funny one about snowfall which uses a picture of a frog. It’s a really good image macro, we can worship it. Okay? Oh. Alright, that’s cool, yeah we don’t have to do that. I was totally joking, I was so joking I am going to make an image macro of a cat with what I am saying over it.

Also the level of hypocrisy which characterizes campus media is sickening. Not only do I not agree with my strawmen which I have constructed based on misperceptions of an article in The McGall Weekly, but also the campus media has such a skewed ratio of image to text. I mean how can you have legitimate discourse without more pictures? Also, I think The Weekly and other media outlets should use Impact. It’s such a great font.

Finally the Students’ Headquarters of McGall University (SHMU) is just as hypocritical. They aren’t bilingual which somehow relates to my previous points. Neither are McGall memes, but it’s different because I had two or three memes which had French words in them.

Am I satisfied with my McGall experience? No. When I graduate this spring, I will never entertain McGall with my memes ever again.

Braniel Daden is the creator, curator, and mastermind behind McGall Memes.